Below are commonly asked questions or comments that have been received through the public engagement process.

Q: Will the residents of the town, hoteliers, condo associations and businesses have an opportunity to continue providing input throughout the design process?

A: Yes, this is the first of several engagement opportunities for input. This feedback will guide direction of future outreach questions and design direction. There will be ample time for public involvement and the Commission will be responsible for the final approval of the design and time-line.

Q: Please do not change the character of this Town.

A: Response: LBTS is so unique to the fabric of South Florida that our intent is to build upon the character that has been established, not change it. The Design Team is working closely with the Town Staff, Mayor, Commission, Residents, Business Owners, Condo Associations, and Hoteliers, including through these types of public engagement processes to assure that the vision of this project is created through the eyes of all of you.

Q: Is lighting included in this design project?

A: YES! The Design Team will work with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to get Sea Turtle-Friendly, pedestrian scale, lighting approved for the length of El Mar Drive.

Q: Now is not the right time for this project given the circumstances of COVID-19.

A: The Design Team is only going through the planning and design process right now and a construction timeline has not been set.

Q: Please consider the safety of pedestrians / walkers.

A: Above all, this will be our primary focus during the design process.

Q: What do you mean by Sustainability?

A: The Design Team is suggesting the use of “sustainable” or green design solutions for storm water management (rainwater). Incorporation of this may be limited to select locations due to adjacent constraints within the R.O.W., but serves as a greener approach and is better for the environment.

Q: Will the landscaping in the median be addressed?

A: Yes, the Design Team will look at fresh landscaping options and take a detailed inventory of the existing trees and palms to determine their overall health and condition and ability to remain.

Q: Can we have wider sidewalks and bike lanes?

A: The Design Team will explore several options within the overall right-of-way of El Mar Drive to include solutions for optimal pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation which will be shared at a future public engagement session for additional feedback.