The El Mar Drive improvement project is a collaboration between the El Mar Design Team and Lauderdale-by-the Sea community to enhance this street – both functionally and aesthetically – as a key corridor to the Town’s most frequented destinations.  We will use your feedback to determine how to best implement an overall project strategy focused on connectivity, design continuity, and reinforcement of the Town’s already-established sense of place.  Several members of our team are Lauderdale-by-the-Sea residents who use El Mar Drive and the Commercial Boulevard beach gateway regularly.  We are excited to lead this project as both designers and members of the local community.
We envision El Mar Drive not only as a vehicle for moving people from “A” to “B,” but also as a wellness and sustainability-focused “green street” with enhanced opportunities for innovative stormwater management, fitness, and other program that improves quality of life.  We will look to the community for feedback on the Town’s most-valued program elements and preferences to design a street tailored specifically to its needs.
This project extends the full length of El Mar Drive; it will also include Pine Avenue to the north and Palm Avenue to the south to connect to Ocean Drive (A1A).  Streetscape improvements and intersection enhancements will incorporate existing beach portals at Palm, Hibiscus, Datura, El Prado, Washingtonia, and Pine to reinforce connections to the beach.  Using these key intersections to establish a hierarchy of beach gateways will establish an organizational framework that helps to create a cohesive corridor.
Key program elements on El Mar Drive will include:

  • Streetscape improvements
    • Vehicular, pedestrian, and bike circulation improvements
    • Crosswalk and intersection enhancements
    • Landscaping & irrigation
    • Pedestrian-scale, turtle-friendly lighting that meets Florida Fish and Wildlife standards
    • Site furnishings
  • Stormwater management improvements
    • Roadway drainage improvements
    • Runoff water quality treatment

Please check the website regularly for notifications, information on public engagement meetings, design and construction progress, and schedule updates.  Your feedback will be an integral part of this project’s design and implementation process.  We look forward to working with you!